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We love a design that stands the test of time. Nanmoku has been making aluminium Sun Clips since it was established in 1948, and their minimalist hardware appeal never grows old.

A small multipurpose clip with flat edges and strong spring, the Sun Clip is one of Nanmoku’s most popular items. They’re fab for pegging laundry, holding papers together, keeping food bags shut, strung up to hang photos or pictures, and so much more. Best of all, their no-frills design, embossed SUN marking make them charming items that simply look great in use.

Our sets of 8 clips include four original silver Sun Clips and four new gold coloured ones.

If you love these, take a look at our set of four other Nanmoku clip designs.
(Nb. Other designs of clips seen in the image of assorted clips are not included in this 8-set.)

Nanmoku is the only aluminium clip and peg maker left in Japan. Specializing in pegs since it was established in 1948, its designs have become iconic in the home. The family-run business, now in its fourth generation, still smelts and rolls its own aluminium sheets and continues to make its original mid-century designs. 

Set of 8: 4 silver, 4 gold
Material: Aluminium
Clip Size: Length 4.3 cm x Width 1.2 cm
Made in Japan