Mio & Nicole

Born out of a strong friendship and shared love of good design, NiMi Projects was established in 2018 by Japan fashion expert Nicole Bargwanna and Tokyo-based lifestyle and design editor-writer Mio Yamada.

Nicole and Mio — both long-time residents of Tokyo — first met when a burgeoning re-appreciation of traditional craftsmanship had just begun to prompt sophisticated innovations in Japanese contemporary design. As frequent travelers who shared a passion for finding and gifting unique functional items from Japan, they found that their discoveries were often met with wonder and joy.

Casual coffee conversations about artisans they both admired led to animated discussions about the limited international availability of such Japanese craftsmanship, and finally the idea of NiMi Projects.

NiMi Projects is the realisation of Nicole and Mio’s common dream: To introduce and promote a wider appreciation of Japan’s exceptional contemporary design, artisanship and sustainable roots in a fun and accessible way.


Our Message

NiMi Projects is not just our story, it’s the story of all the artisans and designers behind our brands.

We personally choose all the items, looking for not just striking aesthetics, but also functional innovations, meticulous attention to detail, natural or eco-friendly materials and the ardent dedication of their creators.

Many of the pieces showcase traditional Japanese craftsmanship, some are playful, others unusually clever. All are created by fantastic designers and makers.

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We believe that beautiful homeware, can be designed to be used and admired for a lifetime. They shouldn’t be disposable products.

NiMi Projects was born from an admiration of traditional Japanese crafts known for their use of sustainable and renewable materials for items of incredible quality and durability. We love wood, paper and cotton, and we believe that their natural beauty adds to contemporary homeware.

In selecting products, we make extra efforts to find items that support local crafts or industries and are made from natural materials, including forest-thinning woods, and recycled or recyclable materials. We even encourage makers to re-think their own packaging into more sustainable options.

We recycle packaging to send products to customers, and whenever possible, receive items by sea mail.


NiMi Projects High Street Seal Sevenoaks Contemporary Japanese Homewares Storefront


From The Black Barn to 4 Banks St., Sevenoaks

Though we have loved out time at The Black Barn, a stunning heritage location, we have outgrown it just a little. So, we are excited to announce that we will be moving to 4 Banks St. in Sevenoaks, Kent, very soon. Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our website for upcoming details.
Our doors shuttered on The Black Barn on July 13. A huge Thank You to all our regular customers, we know we'll see you in Banks St. very soon!


About The Founders

Nicole Bargwanna
The founder and CEO of fashion PR and consulting company CPR Tokyo, Nicole Bargwanna lived in Japan for over 20 years, working with some of the country’s leading retailers and media figures, and is often featured in major fashion publications. Now overseeing CPR Tokyo from the U.K., with regular trips to Japan, Nicole is still one of the top go-to Japan fashion industry experts.

Mio Yamada
Based in Tokyo, Mio Yamada is a lifestyle and design journalist and editor. A regular writer on Japanese crafts and contemporary design, she has also contributed to Wallpaper* Guides Kyoto and is the author of “Lucky Cat,” a book about the history of Japanese manekineko cat talismans.