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So simple, yet so useful, the Kamenoko Tawashi natural hemp palm scrubbing brush is a classic Japanese kitchen tool. Its densely packed bristles can scour away caked-on food remains off pots and pans, cut through dirt on kitchen surfaces, scrub dirt off potatoes, and so much more. They’re perfect for getting into the holes of colanders, and we like to keep extra ones in the bathroom to scrub between tile grouting and reach right into corners.

Hemp palm is water-resistant and durable, so one tawashi will last a long time. This dark brown version is Kamenoko Tawashi’s original version and best seller, but if you like a little splash of colour, try the Red Kamenoko Tawashi or larger Blue Kamenoko Tawashi.

Kamenoko Tawashi was established in 1907, when founder Nishio Shozaemon invented the looped tawashi (scrubbing brush). Interestingly, he originally designed a hemp palm doormat, but when he saw his wife using a section of a mat to clean shoji screen doors, the idea of scrubbing brushes was born.

The shape of the brush is like that of a turtle, hence “kamenoko,” the Japanese word for “baby turtle” as the company name. Since its invention, the Kamenoko brush has become synonymous with the word “tawashi” in Japan.

Hemp palm
Length 10 cm x  Width 7 cm x Depth 4.5 cm
Polypropylene Wire
Heatproof to 90℃
Made in Japan