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Super cute and stylish, the Fuwara Sheep Bib is 100% cotton, reversible bib made with six different layers of soft Japanese gauze. The top and bottom are woven with fine-count yarn for a smooth texture, while four layers of absorbent gauze add a fluffiness. Available in sunny yellow and a Jay blue, each bib’s grazing sheep are stitched into the fabric, which is trimmed with stripes. It’s so adorable, you may not want it to get dirty, but don’t worry each wash will just make the fabric even softer and fluffier.

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We are huge fans of Japanese gauze. Made of super thin layers of cotton, stitched together to trap air, it's warm but breathable, hygienic and absorbent, and it gets softer and cozier with each wash. Fuwara items are made by Nakamori Gauze in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, the birthplace of Japan’s cotton textile industry, and are woven and stitched together using techniques that date back to the Edo Period. Their outer layers are finely woven gauze, the inner ones of a thicker, airy weave an each item is pre-washed in mineral water derived from nearby Mount Ishizuchi to ensure softness. They may rumple and shrink a little with washing, but that just adds to their beauty as they become even fluffier with use.
100% cotton gauze
Length 32cm x Width 22cm
NB: This product is designed to rumple and shrink upwards slightly after washing.
Made in Japan