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Our best-seller book Sankaku Vol. 1 is back!

Sankaku Vol. 1 ventures into some of Tokyo's niche manufacturing, crafts and creative businesses. Its first edition sold out in weeks at NiMi Projects!

A compilation of engaging essays, striking photography and interviews with artists, artisans and designers, this new paperback edition is beautifully bound by Shinohara Shiko, Tokyo bookbinders interviewed in the book. Its colorful illustration by Tokyo-based artist Grace Lee peeks through a triangle cutout of the softback cover.

Sankaku Vol. 1's thoughtful writing and personal interviews cover a side of Tokyo rarely explored — from the ateliers of Edo Kiriko cut-glass artisans and plastics specialists to insights into mechanical keyboard design and an artist residency within a refurbished rice shop.

It's a labor of love, a peek into a unique pocket of Tokyo life, and a wealth of fantastic photography.

An online media platform, sankaku is developed and produced by an international creative team based in Japan and Canada. Ever evolving, it focuses on supporting creativity in Japan by fostering personal connections with artistic communities in Japan, including craftspeople, designers, artists, writers and more.

Featuring: Stand No More, Almost Perfect, Ogawa: The Prototyping Town, Tokyo Keyboard, Horiguchi Kiriko, Grace Lee, and Shinohara Shiko.
Softcover, 123 pages
A5 (14.8cm x 2.1cm)
Cover - FSC-certified recycled paper board
Perfect bound
Printed in Japan
Bound in Tokyo by Shinohara Shiko
Original cover art by Grace Lee
Published by sankaku