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A book to unleash children’s imagination, the Kokuyo Face Sticker Book has over 50 different face templates — from simple shapes and household items to animals and people — and six pages crammed with colourful stickers to decorate them with. Eyes, noses, lips, moustaches, haircuts, accessories, abstract shapes — kids can pick and choose to their heart’s content and create fun and original artworks. The paper, too, can be drawn on and coloured in for extra artistic flair.

Created by Tupera Tupera, a design unit famous in Japan for its children’s books, kids’ TV shows and vibrant graphic illustrations, the faces and stickers of this activity book are bold and more than a little quirky. Designed to not only stretch the imagination but encourage children to think about their creations, the stickers are purposely not resealable. Instead, each completed face becomes an artwork to be pinned to the wall or framed by proud parents.

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Kokuyo has a fascinating history. It began as a Japanese accounting ledger maker in 1905, expanding to stationery goods and office furniture. Its 1975 Campus notebook is still used by schoolchildren and students today, while its contemporary items have included collaborations with minimalist designer Nendo. A staunch supporter of innovative design, it also holds the annual International Kokuyo Design Award to support up-and-coming designers and help them realize new products.
Kokuyo’s range of paper craft books and games have become classics, always focusing on making education creative and fun.

Width 19cm x Length 18 cm x Thickness 1.5cm
Made in Japan