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Based on an Edo Period children’s game, originally played with origami sumo wresters, the Kokuyo TonTon Paper Sumo Game offers hours of endless fun. Choose a wrestler, have it face your opponent’s character, then tap with your finger behind the two and watch them jiggle and wrestle.

Designed by Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda of Cochae, known for their playful origami-inspired graphic designs, each TonTon Sumo Game box includes 39 whimsical paper cutout sumo wrestlers. Pick your player from hefty sumo champions to Japanese mythical beasts and wild animals, or design your own from an additional 19 blank wrestler shapes and sheets of colourful stickers.

We love that this game is so simple, yet so beautifully designed and so much fun.

To play, simply choose a sumo character, fold it in half to allow it to stand up, then place it facing an opponent’s character on the Kokuyo TonTon Sumo Game box, which becomes the sumo ring. Each player then taps the corners of the box to make their sumo wrestlers move until one is pushed out of the ring or topples over.

Just like real sumo, wrestler size doesn’t always matter, it’s about technique — in this case tapping technique. Pit an old lady against a giant blue demon, and you could still win! Try different characters to discover who makes the best champions. Or deal them out randomly to make the game one of chance.

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Kokuyo has a fascinating history. It began as a Japanese accounting ledger maker in 1905, expanding to meticulously designed stationery goods and office furniture. A staunch supporter of innovative design, it also holds the annual International Kokuyo Design Award to support up-and-coming designers and help them realize new products. Kokuyo’s range of paper craft books and games have become classics, always focusing on making education creative and fun.

Sumo Ring Box
39 Original design wrestler cutouts
19 Blank sumo wrestler cutouts
1 Gunbai referee fan and 2 trophy cutouts
2 Sheets of stickers
Made in Japan