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There's a beautiful story behind the wooden Star Mobile by Sukima. Its Milky Way galaxy, full moon and constellation of cascading stars were inspired by the Japanese Tanabata festival — the celebration of one day of the year when two star-crossed lovers can meet.

Legend has it that when Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) angered the God of Heaven, they were separated by the Milky Way, only permitted to reunite on July 7.
Sukima's Milky Way is split into two sections — a pathway for love, surrounded by stars.

The geometric shapes and cutouts give this enchanting mobile a light and airy sophistication. Flat-packed in a special foldout cardboard box, it's easy to tidy away. But why would you? It can be enjoyed all year round.

For a woodland delight, see Sukima's magical Forest Mobile.

Based in Hiroshima, Sukima specialises in wooden products that bring together interior design with play. Their toys and games are created to be just as beautiful sitting on the shelf as they are fun to play with. Why put something away when it brings so much joy?

Agathis and other natural wood,
Includes 17 Parts:
2 Milky Way sections, 1 moon, 7 large stars, 7 small stars
1 paper tidy box
Hanging size: Approx. 30 cm x 50 cm
Package size: Height 2 cm x Length 29.5 cm x Width 16 cm
Weight: 150g
Made in Japan