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Made by Toyo Sasaki Glass, the Spash tumbler is an epitome of Japanese design. Made with high-clarity glass and carefully sized to fit the palm of the hand, all its subtle details are both aesthetic and functional. Softly rounded bases make them more comfortable to hold, rims are wide for easy washing, a slight curved lip helps drinks run off smoothly, and a deep inner ledge allows them to be safely stacked. Even the angle of the sides — 10 degrees — was calculated to make the tumbler easier to lift off a table.

The name Spash is a portmanteau of Space and Short — glasses designed to save space for storage. But we think that they are classically beautiful as much as they are functional.

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Toyo Sasaki Glass is the merger of two of Japan’s oldest glassware manufacturers,  Toyo Glass and Sasaki Glass. A Good Design Award winner for its durable and stackable glass tumblers, TSG is known for its development of HS toughened glass and its meticulously designed contemporary tableware.

Designed by TSG
Soda-lime glass
Pair set
Capacity 210 ml
Diameter 8.1 cm (top) x Height 8.2 cm
Dishwasher safe
Not suitable for microwave 
Made in Japan