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Sankaku Vol. 2 is a fascinating exploration of Japan's beloved comfort food of ramen. A collaboration between talented writers, recipe developers, illustrators and ramen establishments, its stories run the gamut from the rise of a tiny family-run noodle business to the challenges of halal ramen and personal meditations on noodles. There are even a couple of recipes to spice up instant noodles.

Sankaku excels in the details. Printed in Japan and bound in Tokyo by Shinohara Shiko, the book features a cover illustration of noodles hand-drawn by Stanely Sun and foil-stamped in gold. Inside, the volume includes noodle insight from restaurants Ramen Young and Ayam Ya Karasuma, noodle-makers Asakusa Kaikarou, former astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, information portals 5AM Ramen and Food Diversity, ceramicists Maruhiro, and designers Yabai Yabai.

It took a year and a half of research, interviews, stunning photography, and many, many bowls of noodles to create Sankaku Vol. 02 — a journey covering the cultural context of ramen through personal experiences. In simple words, it's a volume that expresses relationships with and a love of ramen.

Take a look at Sankaku Vol. 01 to find out more about Sankaku's first volume, another absorbing literary venture, this time into Tokyo's ateliers and small manufacturers.

An online media platform, sankaku is developed and produced by an international creative team based in Japan and Canada. Ever evolving, it focuses on supporting creativity in Japan by fostering personal connections with artistic communities in Japan, including craftspeople, designers, artists, writers and more.

Softcover, 146 pages
A5 (14.8cm x 2.1cm)
Printed in Japan (115gsm matte paper)
Bound in Tokyo by Shinohara Shiko
Original cover art by Stanely Sun
Published by sankaku