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Inspired by Japan’s famous snow-capped Mount Fuji, Saiko Design’s Mino washi paper Fuji pendant lamp shade is iconic in shape. Made using chochin lantern techniques, its frame is double-lined, a detail that accentuates its curves and spirals around the form like a path to its peak. The washi is rubbed for a soft finish and like a traditional lantern, it folds flat for storage.

Mino washi is famed for its durability and has been used for shoji sliding doors, uchiwa fans, parasols and chochin lanterns for over a millennia. We love how Saiko Design combines Mino washi and traditional lantern-making to create something so contemporary. 

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Based in Gifu, Saiko Design brings together the traditional crafts of Mino washi paper and Japanese lanterns to create beautiful minimalist lampshades. They collaborate with local craftspeople who continue to use techniques that date back more than 1,300 years to produce shades featuring subtle textures, delicate patterns and vibrant colors. The washi is made using Nasu mulberry from Ibaraki Prefecture and water from Mino’s Itadori River, frames are constructed using chochin lantern techniques and patterns are inspired by traditional Japanese motifs. Each work is also designed to enhance the beauty of washi with light.

Washi paper
Diameter 50cm x Height 35cm
For with 100 watt max lightbulb