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The Ototama cup and ball game is simply full of local charm. Handmade in Japan by Tsumikido, its design is inspired by the traditional Japanese skill game of kendama, and the sound of naruko castanets used by dancers at matsuri festivals. 

There are so many ways that this delightful toy can bring joy.

Swing the ball on its string and catch it in its colorful cup to hear a gentle plonk. Flip it over and try to land the ball on an indent on the bottom. Turn the cup into a rattle by placing the ball inside and giving it a shake, or use the ball to tap the cup like a percussion instrument. 

Child-friendly and coloured with vegetable-based Osmo paint, the Ototama is made of lightweight beech wood. We know it was designed for kids, but it has honestly brought us adults hours of endless fun. 

Tsumikido in Gunma has been a family-run woodworking company since it was founded in 1905, and specializes in using naturally dried and aged Japanese beech, coloured with child-safe Osmo dyes. Inspired by shapes and sounds, its toys are designed to encourage children to devise their own gameplay, stretch their imaginations and improve motor skills.

Size: Diameter 4.5 cm
Material: Beech
For age 5 and up
Made in Japan