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A scattered rectangle pattern adds a playful touch to Blanked Blanket’s Zakuzaku earthy brown cotton gauze comforter. A reversible lightweight but ever-so-cozy blanket, its contemporary design is stitched to quilt together four layers of the softest Japanese gauze that gets fluffier with each wash. Made using traditional Japanese textile techniques, each blanket is also detailed with trimmed curved edges. Zakuzaku is the Japanese word for the sound of ground frost crunching — one side of the blanket features white rectangles of snowy white on earthy brown, the other brown rectangles peeking through the natural white.

There are two other Blanked designs — the blue Shitoshito, named after the gentle sound of rain falling, and Tonton, a sunny yellow named after the sound of tap tapping. Visit our Blanked blanket lineup to see them all.

We are huge fans of Japanese gauze. Made of super thin layers of cotton, stitched together to trap air, its warm but breathable, hygienic and absorbent, and it gets softer and cozier with each wash. Blanked blankets are made by Nakamori Gauze in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, the birthplace of Japan’s cotton textile industry, and are woven and stitched together using techniques that date back to the Edo Period. Their outer layers are finely woven gauze, the inner ones of a thicker, airy weave. Every blanket is pre-washed in mineral water derived from nearby Mount Ishizuchi to ensure softness. They may rumple a little with washing, but that just adds to their beauty as they become even fluffier with use.
100% cotton gauze
Sizes: Large (single bed): 140cm x 190cm; Small: 70cm x 100cm
Machine washable
Nb. Blanked blankets are designed to change in texture with washing
Made in Japan