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A beautiful way to bring nature back into our digital lives, Atelier Yocto’s acoustic Wood Speaker amplifies and smooths the tone of sounds and music from any smart phone it holds.

The experimentation with material, shape and construction to best harness the acoustic properties of wood won this portable speaker a German Design Award, but it is the minimalist yet warm design, we especially adore.

Made in alder or white ash — both tonewoods for guitars — it’s light, compact and irresistibly smooth to the touch. A slit at the back for a charging cable keeps everything neat when used indoors. But don’t limit it to a desk, take into the garden, bring it to a picnic or place it in the cupholder of the car. It really is that versatile!

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Atelier Yocto designers Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato have worked in furniture design, traditional Japanese carpentry and Japanese home renovation. Having also studied design and textiles at Sweden’s HDK Steneby, they bring a love of traditional crafts and Japanese sensibility to contemporary furniture and home decor. “Yocto” is the smallest unit in the International System of Units, which written in Japanese characters also means  "nirvana." Atelier Yocto’s works are designed in units that can be re-arranged to suit any home and inspire such calmness.

Designed by Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato
Ash, Alder
Diameter 10 cm × Height 11 cm
Made in Japan