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Inspired by fields of colourful blooms, Atelier Yocto’s wooden flower stools are elegant modern examples of traditional Japanese carpentry. Seamless joinery, a technique that gives the stools extra strength, gives them flawless sculptural forms. You won’t find a single nail or screw holding them together — just a smooth finish at every angle.

The seats are gently angled for comfort, while a central hole makes them easy to carry. There and two fun flower shapes — this three-legged triangle version, as well as a square, four-legged style. And, of course, they both come in a bouquet of contemporary colours.

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Atelier Yocto designers Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato have worked in furniture design, traditional Japanese carpentry and Japanese home renovation. Having also studied design and textiles at Sweden’s HDK Steneby, they bring a love of traditional crafts and Japanese sensibility to contemporary furniture and home decor. “Yocto” is the smallest unit in the International System of Units, which written in Japanese characters also means  "nirvana." Atelier Yocto’s works are designed in units that can be re-arranged to suit any home and inspire such calmness.

Designed by Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato
Ash and Plywood
Width 36.5cm × Diameter 37.5cm × Height 43cm
Made in Japan