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A serving plate for canapes, a base for table displays, or a desk tray for stationery — there’s something about the Mino-Yaki Tatara platter that makes it extra versatile. Handcrafted using a slab-pottery technique called tatara, this platter is completely flat. Arabesque edges give it an elegant floral form, made rustic by subtle weave-like texturing and a matte Aegean blue glaze.

We simply love these tatara pieces, they use form and colour to bring real warmth to minimalism.

For a smaller matching yellow plate, take a look at the Mino-Yaki Tatara Dish, and visit our Mino-Yaki series for other porcelain ware.

Believed to the oldest form of artistic pottery produced in Japan, Mino-yaki dates as far back as the Nara Period 710-794. Produced in the old Mino Province, in present-day Gifu Prefecture, it became popular for traditional tea ceremony vessels. Today, the styles of Mino-yaki are as varied as they are beautiful — from the warm rustic glazes of hand-thrown traditional Kiso Seto, Black Seto, Shino and Oribe ware to the soft pastels of modern tableware.

Please note, these are hand-made, so items may differ slightly from the image and blemishes are part of their charm.
Diameter 24 cm x Height 1.8 cm
Microwave safe
Not suitable for dishwasher
Made in Japan