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Every Buoy Marine Plastic Soap Dish is unique. Its mottled pattern — vibrant colours softened by hints of white — is the serendipitous result of blending an array of recycled ocean waste plastics. Eco-friendly and elegant, it's a bathroom accessory that can add a playful splash of colour to minimalist decor, or complement the warm hues of a more luxurious sanctuary. Take a peek at our matching Buoy Marine Plastic Toothbrush Holders, too.

Buoy is on a mission to raise awareness of and help reduce plastic pollution. We love how it has recycled marine waste into charming, vibrant and useful homeware. The plastic is collected from beaches all across Japan, with the colours even indicating which regions they were found.

With so many different types of resin, it’s difficult to recycle waste plastic, especially the mix of ocean litter washed up on beaches. Yet Buoy has achieved this without a bonding agent or pigments. Aside from a thin protective coating, Buoy items are made of 100 percent marine plastic waste.

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Based in Yokohama, Buoy is a recycled plastic homeware brand with an unusual aspiration. By recycling marine plastic waste, it aims to contribute to the cleanup of the world’s oceans, with the hope that eventually there will be no plastic pollution to source its material from.

Buoy organizes its own litter collections, and shreds and recycles plastic litter into homeware using a patented process that can meld together different resins. No bonding agent or pigments are added, and its products’ vibrant hues are the result of carefully colour-sorted plastics.

Recycled marine waste plastic
Length 11.5cm × Width 9.5cm × Height 1.5cm
Notes: Recycled plastic is naturally a little unsmooth. These are also coated in a thin protective film
Made in Japan