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The Okamochi is one of the most versatile and beautifully constructed wooden carry boxes we’ve ever seen. Crafted in paulownia and walnut, it's an ideal picnic hamper, tool box, alternative gardening trug or elegant storage case.

A two-tiered box, complete with an aluminium handle and top tray lid, its components seamlessly slot atop each other. Slide across the upper box for easy access below, or remove it to use elsewhere. The tray is also perfect for serving dishes, and is available in eight colours to choose from.

For an extra splash of colour, why not add a lower tray lid or inner cover, all available at Okamochi Extras. (Nb. This box comes with the top square lid only, the bottom tray in images is not included).

Atelier Yocto takes its inspiration for this design from traditional Japanese okamochi boxes used during the Edo Period for transporting food. But don’t let that limit your imagination for this premium contemporary version. Made using Japanese carpentry techniques, it’s a joy to hold and behold.

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Atelier Yocto designers Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato bring a love of traditional crafts and Japanese sensibility to contemporary furniture and home decor. “Yocto” is the smallest unit in the International System of Units, which written in Japanese characters also means  "nirvana." Atelier Yocto’s works are designed in units that can be re-arranged to suit any home and inspire such calmness.

Designed by Jun Furukawa and Yuka Sato
Includes: Two Tier Box, one 28x28 cm Tray Lid
Paulownia, Walnut, Shina Plywood, Aluminium
Length 40cm × Width 28cm × Height 34.7cm (including handle)
Box Heights 11.5 cm and 8cm
Made in Japan