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As an unusual tool in Japan, the Asano Mokkousho Garden Fork was specially created for enthusiasts of Western-style gardening. Its walnut handle, leather strap and stainless steel prongs bring together classic design with quality Japanese production. Like all Asano Mokkousho tools, the fork’s stainless steel prong piece is made to professional gardening tool standards in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area in Japan famous for its centuries of metalworking craftsmanship.

The creation of the garden fork is one of the reasons we love Asano Mokkousho — as a family business, it listens to its customer’s feedback and desires, whether from professional agriculturalists or home gardeners.

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Founded in 1950, Asano Mokkousho was born from the marriage of Teisuke Asano, a Niigata farmer’s son and Sakae Sasagawa, the daughter of a Tokyo manufacturer. Teisuke’s knowledge of agricultural needs and Sakae’s manufacturing know-how led to its first product - a simple farming hook. Now the family-run business produces everything from home-garden sickles and hoes to specialized professional tools. 

Items are made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan’s famed traditional metalworking district, where Asano Mokkousho works with a long-established network of craftspeople.

Designed by Asano Mokkousho
Materials: Stainless Steel, Walnut wood, Leather
Width 8cm × Length 29cm × Height 4cm 
Made in Japan