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Ku comes from years of collaboration between Trunk Design and incense masters of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. It won a Golden Pin Design Award in 2018 as the first leaf-shaped paper incense developed in Japan. For each scent, natural Awaji incense perfumes are carefully blended into washi paper pulp, before the hand-crafted sheets are left out to dry.

Light a single leaf for an enchanting delicate fragrance, break off a sprig for a longer burn, or simply use them like pot pourri as is. Elegant and leaving minimum ash, Ku is a relaxing ritual for any time of the day.

Check out our minimalist wooden Trunk Design Incense Stand — the perfect mat plate for Ku that doubles as a holder for our Trunk Daily Japanese incense sticks.  

For a decorative pairing, also see our Mino-yaki Scalloped or Mino-yaki Tatara porcelain dishes — they're just the right size to display Ku and can make the experience even more beautiful.

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We haven’t met a designer more dedicated to crafts than Yasuhiro Horiuchi of Trunk Design. Based in Kobe, his mission is to revitalize traditional Hyogo Prefectural crafts through contemporary design. By personally visiting all the artisans he works with, he truly understands their processes and literally spends years perfecting products that bring Japanese crafts to the modern market. Whether it’s incense, textiles, match-making, wood-working or ceramics, Horiuchi's personal touch, commitment and design smarts makes every product extra special.

Designed by Yasuhiro Horiuchi
Includes: 24 leaves, plus 13cm stem; circular fireproof pad
Washi paper, incense
Package size: 25.7cm x 5cm
Made in Japan