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Daily is the delightful big sister of Trunk Design's Ku Washi Paper Leaf Incense, made by the same masters of aroma on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. A little more traditional, but just as elegant, each stick burns with minimal dust for up to 30 minutes, infusing the air with Japanese scents.

We have picked one for each day of the week, from the woody and herbal blends of Hinoki, Sandalwood and Sage to the evocative floral perfumes of Gardenia, Camelia, Geranium and Casablanca lilies. Pick a fragrance and allow its aroma to influence the mood of the day.

Conscientiously designed with minimalist paper packaging, each Daily box contains around 45 sticks. Match it with the Trunk Design Incense Stand, a specially designed holder that can also be used with our Trunk Design Ku washi paper leaves.

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We haven’t met a designer more dedicated to crafts than Yasuhiro Horiuchi of Trunk Design. Based in Kobe, his mission is to revitalize traditional Hyogo Prefectural crafts through contemporary design. By personally visiting all the artisans he works with, he truly understands their processes and literally spends years perfecting products that bring Japanese crafts to the modern market. Whether it’s incense, textiles, match-making, wood-working or ceramics, Horiuchi's personal touch, commitment and design smarts makes every product extra special.

Designed by Yasuhiro Horiuchi
Includes: Approx 45 incense sticks
Package size: Height 2.4cm x Width 14.2cm x Depth 1.9cm
Made in Japan