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The Irogami Mini Grater is a new kind of hand grater in an array of playful colours that will liven up any kitchen decor. Compact, lightweight and so easy to use, it’s perfect for sprinkling freshly ground seasoning into cooking or adding a dash of ginger, parmesan or spice directly to a dish.

Designed by Gensuke Kishi, an up-and-coming designer of the creative collective House Martin, each grater looks like a small square sheet of paper that curls around the hand to hang over the palm. Its curved fold keeps it in place, while you simply grate across the palm of your hand.

Gensuke collaborated with a manufacturer in Tsubame Sanjo, Japan's renowned metalworking region to create this striking contemporary design. It's actually made by a company that has over a century of blade-smithing experience. The clever idea — a personal project of Gensuke — won awards at the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest and Niigata IDS Design Competition in 2021.

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Aluminium alloy, colour anodized
Width 8cm x Height 8cm (Depth of fold 2.5cm)
Not suitable for dishwasher