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These Japanese traditional calligraphy pens are wrapped in colourful washi paper by stationery purveyor Shogado. Each one is handmade and wrapped in washi paper that has been silk-screen printed with Japanese motifs in playfully bright colours. The pattern placement varies, making every one unique.

Vibrant, decorative and eco-friendly, these calligraphy pens also match the striking Yuzen Washi Pen Boxes. Together they add an artisanal splash of colour to any desk.

Yuzen washi paper, also known as Chiyogami, dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185) when Japan’s aristocracy favored decorative paper to pen poems and write romantic notes. Originally, wood-block printing techniques were used to add layers of colour to washi paper, often in patterns inspired by elaborate kimono textiles. Yuzen, in fact, takes its name from the fabric resist-paste dyeing technique used for such kimono. The Chrysanthemum, Peony and Herringbone patterns used for these pen boxes are, in fact, traditional motifs, but their neon and bright colours bring their beauty into a contemporary light.

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Established in 1964 in Kyoto, Shogado develops washi paper stationery and items for everyday use. All its colourful washi paper is made by Kyoto artisans, using traditional techniques and materials. Shogado is committed to supporting the craft by focusing on modern colours to emphasize the beauty of traditional Japanese patterns.

Paper, Pen
Width 15cm x Length 18cm
NB — These are individually made and pattern placement may differ from the image.