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Like a modernist kinetic artwork, Fukunaga's Paper Clock is a bold and beautiful expression of time passing, flowing even, through space.

Two circles — a larger coloured one indicating the hour, and a smaller white corrugated one the minutes — rotate in silence as the day passes. There are no numbers or clock-face hands, just two small punched-out holes echoing the circular theme.

Originally designed in 1995 and only now re-released, it's incredible, and apt, how timeless this clock is. Revived modernism back then, minimalist now. 

Our favorite detail has to be an extra little dot to pin to its side, giving it a planetary look. Place it to indicate a favorite time of the day or simply place it where it feels right to you. There's no reason for it, but it completes the work in a way we just adore.

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In 2006, Fukunaga Print, a paper company already renowned for innovative packaging solutions, began the Kami no Kousakujo (Paper Workshop) project to research and develop new and novel uses of paper. Since then, it has collaborated with numerous contemporary designers to produce a lineup of inventive and unusual stationery, games, objet and homewares, all constructed from the company’s range of quality paper and card.

Designed by Makoto Koizumi
Graphic design by Nobuhiro Yamaguchi
Technical advice: Takakta Lemnos Inc.
Paper card
Clock Body: Diameter 18cm
Small Dot: Diameter
Made in Japan