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A composite image of two photographs: Left show an open recycled wood Pivoto House Box with pink interior, Right shows a pale pink Frustum Teapot with matching cups on a window sill accompanied by a Watanabe Thoki Vase. All items are handmade. Photographs shot at NiMi Projects UK.


With Love From Us

We know Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for you to declare your love — whether as a secret admirer or to a significant other.

In Japan, it’s actually a day that women give gifts of chocolate to boyfriends and husbands — sometimes even their male colleagues. Don’t worry, there’s a White Day in March when men give gifts of cookies to the women in their lives. (We still prefer chocolate…)

But we think Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse just to show anyone how much you care and appreciate them.

For Valentine’s gifts, we’ve put together a collection of some of our personal favourites — like the Pivoto House Box and Sanpu Sanyo Japanese aprons — alongside our newest items, including Saburo’s hand-crafted glassware and the Frustrum Tea Set. Plus we indulged in a little photoshoot to showcase their beauty.

Take a look, choose a gift and don’t forget to contact us — we’ll not only gift wrap it, but add a personal message from you.


Four NiMi Projects Origami Workshop images: From left to right, mulitcoloured 3D origami heart bunting, three origami heart envelopes featuring little cats and dogs, a Valentine's Day card with decorative origami hearts, a mulitcoloured origami heart necklace. 

Hearty Origami

We’ve also set up a series of Valentine’s Origami Zoom Workshops — two for kids and two for adults — each to create cute heart-themed items. We actually tested out the creations on family already! And we hope they will bring joy to not just a partner, but also mothers, fathers, grandparents, best friends — whoever deserves extra love. 

We can’t wait to see participants creations, which we hope to share on Instagram and Facebook, to spread the joy.

A composite of two images: Left shows a blue and white canvas and cotton Sanpu Sanyo Sanpu apron hanging on a hook above a pink Atelier Yocto three-legged wooden Flower Stool. Right shows two Saburo hand-crafted glass bowls, one with a window pattern, the other frosted. All items are handmade in Japan,  and images shot at NiMi Projects UK.