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NiMi at the Castle.  A composite of two images of Chiddingstone Castle in Kent. Left, a stonewall with arched window. Right, a bush of roses by the castle's stone walls.

We have joined the aristocracy!

OK, we haven't — after all, we believe great design should be accessible to everyone. But we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Chiddingstone Castle for NiMi at The Castle, a new space within the historical property's gift shop. It's like a pop-up, but better — we will be there a while!

Come see us at this second location, which features a selection of our contemporary Japanese designer homeware. We've picked pieces that complement country-manor style interiors with a touch of warm minimalism, plus there's a few little things for kids to enjoy on their day out.


A shelf displaying NiMi Projects Sunao Lab House Trivets, next to a pale green Catachi origami polystool with a gold Fukunaga paper vase with flowers on top. Both on show at Chiddingstone Castle's gift shop in Kent, UK.
Sunao Lab Tent Trivets, Kami No Tsubo Paper Vases, Catachi Polystool


Why Chiddingstone Castle? Aside from being a beautiful national heritage site with over 400 years of history, the castle has a unique connection with Japan. Its former owner Denys Bower, an art and antiques collector, was fascinated with Japanese arts and crafts. The castle's Japanese lacquerware collection is among the finest in Western Europe, while its Japanese sword and armour collection is equally impressive.

Also home to a locally renowned Japan Festival, offering events and activities spreading the wonders of Japanese culture, crafts and history, Chiddingstone Castle is close to our hearts.

Of course, we would love you to visit our original store in Sevenoaks, where we can tell you all about our full collection of interior goods. But if you happen to be in Chiddingstone Castle, why not drop by our pop-up as well!

 A composite image of NiMi Projects Japanese homeware popup shop shelves at the Chiddingstone Castle gift shop in Kent. Left - two shelves, with the top one displaying Japanese tawashi scrubbing brushes, aluminium graters and kitchen clips. Right - a shelf displaying three Moheim bud vases in pink, white and grey, and a black Feelt trinket holder tree. Kamenoko Tawashi Brushes, Nanmoku Japanese Grater, Nanmoku ClipsTrunk Design Ku Washi Incense, Mino-Yaki Tatara Dish, Ceramic Japan Aroma Card Diffuser, Moheim Color Drops Vase, Feelt Tree Trinket Stand.