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A pink Frustum Japanese teapot with matching cups on an antique coffee table at Chiddingstone Castle, for the  NiMi Projects popup exhibition\


Our First Pop-up Chiddingstone Castle!

We wanted to say a big “Thank You” to everyone that came to support us at our pop-up at Chiddingstone Castle in Kent last month. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to hear how far others had travelled to attend the Japan Festival held in such a beautiful historic location.

This was our very first popup, too! So we were completely blown away by the turnout .It was great to showcase our new products and let you know what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. 


Composite of two images: Left a Fukunaga Paper Vase with flowers on top of a lemon yellow Catachi Stool on display in front of a window at Chiddingstone Caste. Right: An exterior view of the same window showcase NiMi Projects Japanese homeware products.


Japan x United Kingdom

The Japanese collection of Chiddingstone Castle is one of the finest in Western Europe and remains there to this day due to the wishes of the last private owner of the estate. We were absolutely delighted to hear that not only would the Japan Festival return this year but that we were also invited to display a selection of our NiMi Projects Japanese homeware. 

With displays of lacquerware, porcelain and samurai antiques dotted around the 19th-century rooms, we had the joy of spending the day in the White Rose Drawing Room, a stunning space with picture windows that faced out onto a breathtaking view over Kent. 


Composite of two images. Left: A Fukunaga paper vase with flowers on top of a red Catachi Polystool stacked on top of a blue Catachi stool, on display in front of a window in Chiddingstone Castle. Right: NiMi Projects Japanese homeware  on display on an antique table, with 19th-century paintings above, at Chiddingstone Castle.


Perfect Combinations

A striking contrast to the gilt-framed historical portraits hung on the powder-blue walls, our mix of contemporary ceramics, handcrafted wooden pieces, children’s toys and refined paper goods sat among the castle’s own beautiful treasures. It was a combination of modernity with antiquity that surprised us with its charming elegance.

Overwhelmed by all the support, we can't wait to share all the plans we have in store in the lead up to Christmas.

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NiMi Projects contemporary Japanese homeware on display on an antique table below a 19th-century painting at Chiddingstone Castle, Kent.