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A joyful chorus of colours, Okada's bud vases stopped us in our tracks when we discovered them.

All hand made, each one is different and not just in colour — some have with single holes for lone blooms, others with two or three holes to arrange a group of flowers or eaves. When Okada glazes his pieces, it often involves a little experimentation, with subtle differences in tone and texture purposely adding to their individuality. And his selection of colours is impeccable — vibrant but sophisticated, they compliment each other perfectly. Available in two shapes, round and triangular, mix and match a few to brighten any space.

Isao Okada is of a new generation of ceramists who bring contemporary concepts to mingei (folk art) crafts. His designs are born from a desire to find interesting ways to use everyday materials. A graduate of folk-art technical studies, he is partially self-taught in pottery, which has led to some unusual experimentation in traditional methods and style. And as an artist who deeply respects the natural source of his materials, he leaves nothing to waste by making small items with all leftover clay.

Designed by Isao Okada
Height 4 cm x Width 7.8 cm
Made in Japan