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Named after the Japanese Morning Glory, the Mino-Yaki Asagao Bowl’s trumpet shape is like an open bloom, ready to cradle a side dish, dessert, or even a favorite trinket.

The delicate, ephemeral beauty of the Asagao has inspired Japan’s arts and crafts since the Edo Period. A colourful symbol of love, it’s often found in ukiyo-e prints, traditional paintings and kimono textiles. Here, its organic form is the inspiration for a contemporary shallow bowl that raises and displays its contents as if on a mini pedestal.

So simple yet striking, each bowl is hand glazed with a lightly speckled satin finish. ts shape makes it easy to lift, and a soft delineated edge draws the eye to its contents. It’s ideal to serve small desserts, but we think it’s so beautifully made, it can showcase any small item — a piece of jewellery, a few blooms — like an artwork.

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Mino-yaki, believed to be the oldest form of artistic pottery produced in Japan, dates back to the Nara Period 710-794. Produced in the old Mino Province, in present-day Gifu Prefecture, it became popular for traditional tea ceremony vessels. Today, the styles of Mino-yaki are as varied as they are beautiful — from the warm rustic glazes of hand-thrown traditional Kiso Seto, Black Seto, Shino and Oribe ware to the soft pastels of modern tableware.

Please note, these are hand-glazed, so items may differ slightly from the image.
Diameter 18cm x Height 5 cm
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Made in Japan