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Tokyo Jidohanbaiki takes one of Japan’s ubiquitous sights — the drinks vending machine — and turns it into not one but more than 20 fun games!

Beautifully designed by Jordan Draper, it comes with a detailed model vending machine, colorful miniature cans, bottles and crates, plus money chits, stock cards and ad signage — all neatly packaged in a compact box.

With the games devised in collaboration with 9 guest designers, there are so many inventive ways to play with Tokyo Jidohanbaiki. Try the dexterity game Lemonade with up to 12 players, or enjoy some alone time with a round of solitaire Pura. The rule manual includes instructions for puzzle, strategy, deduction, economic games and more, each with drinks names like Cream Corn, Yuzu Twist and Genmaicha. There’s even one based on sabotage — the Melon Soda.

It’s bottles of endless fun, playable by single players or groups, and truly a bargain.

Jordan Draper is an American designer, based on and off in Japan. Having studied sculpture and architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo, he’s an ardent admirer of Japanese design and minimalism. Most of his games are inspired by Japanese aesthetics and experiences. What we love about Jordan, too, is his strong ethics code. His games are ethically and sustainably made, and explore biodegradable and recyclable materials. To see more of them, check out our Books and Games section.

For ages 14+
Designed by Jordan Draper
For 1-12 players
5-15 minute games
1 Rules booklet for over 20 games.
1 miniature vending machine tower
36 miniature drinks: 6 shapes & 6 colors
6 miniature yellow crates
12 mini sized cards
59 die cut yen chits
6 double sided vending machine ad signs
2 drink label sticker sheets
Box size: 4.2cm x  Width 16.2cm x Depth 10cm