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Among Musubi’s most colorful furoshiki wrapping cloths, and one of our favourites, the Stripe Horse marries abstract graphics with a little whimsy for a delightfully bold double-sided design. Incredibly versatile, it’s large enough to use as a tablecloth, fashion into a bag, or simply be hung as artwork.

Textile designer Masaru Suzuki plays on the paler appearance of dyes on the reverse side of the fabric to create two colour palettes for his Stripe Water Horse pattern. One side is dyed with a bright blue rectangular horse standing among scarlet shapes, while the other is printed with bold black stripes. The result is a textile that looks stunning no matter which way it is used.

To see a green-toned version of Masaru’s work, take a look at his Water Bird furoshiki. To see other furoshiki and accessories, check out our Musubi full collection.


Musubi, a Kyoto-based furoshiki-maker and purveyor, collaborates with numerous designers and illustrators to produce an eclectic range of vibrant patterns and styles — from traditional to geometrically modern. Every design takes into consideration types of fabric and printing processes and is carefully matched with the ideal maker.

Masaru Suzuki is renowned for his playful nature-inspired graphic creations, often screen-printing layers of colors in bold combinations. He established his own fabric line OTTAIPNU in 2005, collaborates with numerous Japanese brands, and has been a designer for the Finnish brand Marimekko since 2010.

Design: Masaru Suzuki
Size: 100 x 100 cm (can be fashioned into a bag)
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan