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The floating dandelion seed head pattern on this delightful furoshiki wrapping cloth is drawn from an illustration by the multitalented Taisho era artist and poet Takehisa Yumeji.
Often hailed as Japan's first pop artist and a pioneer of Japanese graphic design, Yumeji was renowned for portraits of women, modern textile design and vibrant illustrations. His original image for this design features a young woman watching dandelion seeds disperse into a midnight-blue sky. Here, Musubi brightens the pattern with a sky blue backdrop for a more contemporary vision.

To read more about Takehisa Yumeji, take a look at our journal entry about his influence on Japanese art and design.

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In 2005, the Kyoto-based Musubi opened its first store dedicated to furoshiki in Tokyo, but it has been designing and making the wrapping cloths for decades. Now working with various other furoshiki makers in Kyoto and collaborating with numerous designers and illustrators, it produces an eclectic range of vibrant patterns and styles — from traditional to geometrically modern. Every design takes in consideration types of fabric and printing processes, and if not made by the company itself, is carefully matched with the ideal maker.

Size 48 x 48 cm (can gift wrap a small box)
Material : Cotton.
Made in Japan.