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Designed for Ceramic Japan by Nendo, one of Japan’s top contemporary product designers, Dress Up is a family of smooth minimalist porcelain vases, but with a little twist. Here is papa, the tallest of the three, a stocky fellow in a wing-tip collar shirt. Meet mama in her  scalloped neckline dress here and their kid with a Peter Pan collar here. Pop in a single flower for a delightfully dramatic look, or fill it with a bunch of blooms for burst of colour.

Simple in form, yet so playful, the Dress Up series look like regular vases from the back. Turn them around, though, and their collars turn them into cute figures that bring a smile to the face. Unglazed for a soft fabric-like texture, each comes in white or a pastel color — blue-grey for papa, pink for mama and green for the toddler.

We love Nendo’s minimalist designs — every one has just a touch of quintessentially Japanese humor. Nendo works with brands internationally as well as in Japan and its Dress Up vase is among its various collaborations with Japanese craftspeople.

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Ceramic Japan brings together contemporary designers with traditional ceramists in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, a region with a history of porcelain dating back to the 8th century. Porcelain clay is still sourced from the prefecture’s mountainous landscape and was originally fired using timber from local woodland. Artisans today use age-old techniques, now refined to perfection by modern equipment, making Ceramic Japan’s minimalist products a combination of innovative design and traditional craftsmanship.

Designed by Nendo
Base Diameter 7 cm x Height 14 cm
Made in Japan