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Use the Hanabunko Book Vase to place flowers among favourite books or have it  stand alone as a centerpiece. Either way, it's a beautiful contemporary objet. The vase's central hole adds to the design, while supporting flower stems to ensure they lean at the right angle. Each Hanabunko Book Vase also comes in its own protective book sleeve, an example of 224 Porcelain's impeccable attention to detail.

Based in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture, 224 Porcelain is a small pottery that brings together Hizen Yoshida porcelain with young designers. Hizen Yoshida potteries have a history of more than 400 years, producing high-quality porcelain in the styles of neighboring areas, including Arita ware and Hasami ware. This unique position of having no specific aesthetic but able to produce that of many others has made Hizen Yoshida potteries especially skilled and flexible and 224 Porcelain matches that artistry with brand new and original designs.

Designed by Fumiaki Goto, Akira Mabuchi and Satoshi Tsuji
Porcelain, Cardboard
Width 10.7 cm x Height x 15 cm x Depth 
2.7 cm