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An unusual multipurpose tool, the Asano Mokkousho Hori Hori is a sharp-edged shallow trowel for cutting foliage and breaking soil.

Its serrated-edged stainless-steel scoop is smithed in Japan’s renowned Tsubame-Sanjo metalworking district and has added carbon, making it extra-sharp and rust-resistant. As an environmentally conscious designed product, its handle is made from Snow Beech sustainably sourced from the Oshirakawa Forestry Association’s Niigata forest thinning project, and it comes with its own safety sheath that can be attached to a belt.

Ideal for the forest forager, camping enthusiast and home gardener, the Hori Hori’s smooth solid walnut handle makes it great for digging holes for planting, harvesting vegetables and herbs and cutting twine. We are sure you’ll find many other uses for it, too.

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NB. By law, we cannot sell this bladed product to anyone under the age of 18. By placing an order, you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. This is a gardening tool - please use responsibly and with care.

Founded in 1950, Asano Mokkousho was born from the marriage of Teisuke Asano, a Niigata farmer’s son and Sakae Sasagawa, the daughter of a Tokyo manufacturer. Teisuke’s knowledge of agricultural needs and Sakae’s manufacturing know-how led to its first product - a simple farming hook. Now the family-run business produces everything from home-garden sickles and hoes to specialized professional tools. 

Items are made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan’s famed traditional metalworking district, where Asano Mokkousho works with a long-established network of craftspeople.

Designed by Asano Mokkousho
Materials: Stainless Steel, Snow Beech wood, Pleather
Width 2.5cm × Length 20cm × Height 1.5cm 
Made in Japan