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Join a funky desert tribe and compete for flowers by balancing colourful creatures, bones and strange shapes on super cute, happy cacti.

Cactus is Jordan Draper’s re-interpretation of Japanese designer Naotaka Shimamoto popular dexterity game Tribe — and it honestly is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

Take turns to rest pieces on the cacti’s outstretched arms, try balancing some on their heads or hang a shape on one already placed. Easy rules keep the game amusing. The die indicates which pieces you must use and the same shapes or colours can never touch. Other than that, though, gameplay is up to you. Craftily move a placed shape with the piece you are holding, or position your piece precariously to sabotage another player’s turn. But whatever you do, don’t touch a cactus or you will lose a precious flower.

This is such a charming set of shapes, you could even forget that it’s a balancing game and just use them to build imaginative whimsical sculptures.

All the Cactus pieces are made from wood, making it durable, and they pack away in a small box that can be taken anywhere to play with friends and family.

Jordan Draper is an American designer, based on and off in Japan. Having studied sculpture and architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo, he’s an ardent admirer of Japanese design and minimalism. Most of his games are inspired by Japanese aesthetics and experiences. What we love about Jordan, too, is his strong ethics code. His games are ethically and sustainably made, and explore biodegradable and recyclable materials. To see more of them, check out our Books and Games section.

Designed by Jordan Draper and Naotaka Shimamoto
For ages 6+
For 2+ players
1 screen-printed custom die
5 laser cut painted cactus with stands
25 laser cut painted shapes (5 colors)
10 custom laser cut painted desert shapes
25 laser cut flowers with pink dots
Box Size: 10cm x Width 8cm x Depth 4cm