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Designed by Torafu Architects, Kami no Kousakujo's AirVase has become so popular in design publications, it's now a contemporary classic. A circle of paper, laser-cut into a fine lattice, the AirVase can be pulled out into a flexible 3D shape that is strong enough to be stretched and shaped around a small object. Use it as gift wrap, create ethereal bowls, or simply add another dimension to whatever it encloses.

This pair of gold-embellished blue and white AirVases feature patterns designed by Ren Takaya and catch the light to add an extra sparkle to an already brilliant idea. Double sided, the two AirVases offer four patterns: Indigo blue with gold diamonds / gold with blue diamonds, and white with gold dots / gold with white diamonds.

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In 2006, Fukunaga Print, a paper company already renowned for innovative packaging solutions, began the Kami no Kousakujo (Paper Workshop) project to research and develop new and novel uses of paper. Since then, it has collaborated with numerous contemporary designers to produce a lineup of inventive and unusual stationery, games, objet and homewares, all constructed from the company’s range of quality paper and card.

Designed by Torafu Architects
Paper (two pieces)
Unfolded: Diameter 19.3 cm
Made in Japan